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Architects & Interior Designers

Corporate companies database includes all important details about various companies operating in a particular location or region. These types of corporate companies’ databases include phone numbers of architects and interior designers, fees, visiting hours, specialization and other important details. A lot of people are benefitted from such database. Not only people, but many business organizations avail such databases for marketing purposes.



How these databases are prepared? 



Generally, corporate companies database is prepared in a excel sheet where the details of architects and interior designers are provided. A heading is provided in each column and under each column, all relevant information are provided. At bulk database solution, we prepare location specific corporate companies database that include email and mobile number database, specialization, address and other important details.



We have been operating in this sector for a long time and therefore, you can expect to avail the best quality service from our end. The common people can get information from such databases as per their requirements.



However, if you are wondering about the authenticity of such a database, you will be glad to know that we are a renowned B2B database provider in India. At our place, you can avail databases in various categories. Just go to our website, choose an option from our wide range of categories. You can choose a specific location as per your requirement. Once you are done with selection and payment, you will be provided your required database in your email address either in PDF or excel format. You only need to download the excel sheet. That’s it.



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