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Bulkdatabase solution is a reputed business database provider in India. We have been working in this for long. We provide a wide range of categories from which you can choose your options as per your requirements.


Business databases are required for business marketing purposes. These databases include email address and phone numbers of customers of a specific location or zone. All you have to do is to let us know your preferred location and we will email you the database either in excel sheet or PDF format.


In today’s age, all companies whether it is a small, medium or large organization face a continuous challenge in acquiring a new and potential client. To stay ahead of this competition, businesses need to practice different types of marketing techniques.


To cope up with this competition, most of the companies use an effective marketing strategy called direct marketing. With the help of this direct communication, it is easier to establish a direct communication with their target customers. This helps the companies to establish a loyal customer base. Direct marketing campaign is mostly managed by business who do not know who are their target customer base.


Bulk database solution helps these companies to recognize their target customer base and provide them customer database that includes customers name, phone number, email address and other information. If you are looking for a reliable bulk database provider in India, then your search ends here at bulk database solution. our charges are reasonable and we cover all major cities of India. Just let us know your specific location, we will email you database in excel format.


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