Our Bulk SMS Service:

We have come a long way where an organization has to rely on pamphlets and billboards for marketing the newly launched product or the services. With worldwide bulk SMS marketing, a company can reach its client wherever and whenever and that too with a very minimum cost. With just a text message the organization can get in touch with the client. A written message has always been advantageous for marketing as it has got a touch of personal connection between the company and the potential client. Bulk SMS marketing has now become a distinct phenomenon and is a special area of research work. Many companies have a fixed amount of budget allocated only for bulk SMS marketing. At SMS Myntra we take care of all these services for our client.

Bulk SMS Service

SMS marketing has got such a unique technique that the user can easily modify the message according to the requirements. With the help of  SMS Myntra, it is easier for an organization to release a headache to create a mass campaign. We work on behalf of the organization in creating the campaign and allocate the target audience. We are just acting like a partner in the campaign and help in the growth of the organization. With more introductions of new technologies and more number of categorized services available, an organization has more freedom in choosing the particular package according to their needs.

World Wide Presence:

Many countries have adopted the new technology to make the SMS campaign faster and reliable. We with these services not only help the country to connect the customer to the local market but also in various foreign countries. Suppose a company has its client based all around the globe for them the service provider has got special packages to meet these vast requirements. The companies will make the advertising campaign accordingly with different countries like a separate marketing strategy for bulk SMS in Qatar, a separate campaign style for campaigning while shooting bulk SMS marketing in Dubai or an absolutely unique style of doing bulk SMS marketing in the UK. So the Organization will not have any worry to reach its customer at any time. The service has developed in such a way that using of local languages or targeting different countries according to different festivals times or a particular season f the year can be easily monitored and operated.

  • Over 500 clients World Wide
  • Present in 4 countries UAE-Qatar-UK-India 
  • Service Cover Almost 200 countries
  • More than 10 years in market of Bulk SMS Service

Why Us?

To hire the best bulk SMS service provider for an International SMS marketing or any particular way of SMS marketing is very crucial and important as many things depend on the provider. A wrong campaign or a small mistake can ruin the whole campaign and damage the company image. So it becomes the prime responsibility of the company to make the choice significantly. For that reasons always choose the best, choose SMS Myntra. Choose Us For:

  • Premium Services
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Fast-Instant Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • User-Friendly Admin
  • 100% Delivery
  • No Messy Formalities
  • Sub Reseller Concept

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