Introducing World Wide WhatsApp Marketing Service as WhatsApp Myntra:

In today’s times, when we have to communicate with someone, we do not use the outdated text messages with the limited words anymore. Communication apps like the Whatsapp are thriving in the market. Anyone with a smartphone has access to Whatsapp and it broadcasts and delivers messages from all over the world.

Whatsapp Marketing is an immensely useful way to market your brand and at the same time, reach a huge audience. Today in the UK, US, Europe and in other countries worldwide 90% people are using WhatsApp. So, WhatsApp Marketing becomes a worldwide phenomenon. The growth of your marketing strategy can be done by adding Bulk Whatsapp Marketing to your list. The penetration of this app to the people is huge and you have a certain chance of progressing growth if you keep up with the Whatsapp Promotion and Marketing.  So, what are you thinking about? Come to Whatsapp Mantra we have all these services with a very good package which serves all your marketing needs. We are serving these services to our national and international clients very successfully since years. WhatsApp Mantra can guarantee you the No.1 Bulk WhatsApp Marketing.

Our Whatsapp Marketing Software:

In Whatsapp Mantra we use a special Whatsapp Marketing Software which can help you out with bulk messages without restriction.  We make this an important part of your marketing campaign to reach out to the maximum people you can’t in a personal way. The app does not only support text, but also other files like PDF, GIF, Location, Audio, Video and other various media files. What you can express with a long paragraph of written words, can be done if you share a picture or a video. Visual mediums tend to translate to audiences better and the Whatsapp Promotion Service is the best deal when you are starting out your business or you want to more growth in your business and audience. We make it so easy and simple for you to send bulk messages for promotional and marketing purposes. We use the best Bulk Whatsapp Turbo Sender Software customized by industry professionals.

Why Us?

  • Easy To Use & Cost Effective Software
  • Multiple Sender ID support in our WhatsApp Panel and Software
  • Instant Promotion & Market Response
  • You can set your Brand Picture for Channels
  • 24/7 Support Through Mail & WhatsApp
  • Set Captions for your Image, Audio & Video
  • Create VCard with Picture & Send as a message

Client’s Needs is our first Priority:

Not only this in Whatsapp Mantra we always take care of our client’s target audience and our expert team researched well and every message will go to the prospective target audience only. We also give customer support and communication through this procedure which can help you gain audiences better. The audience tends to develop a certain amount of trust when there is an easy availability of support from the team they are doing any business with.  It is especially good for a small company or a recent start-up. Instead of churning emails that end up in the spam folder of your target audience, typing a promotional message or a photo/poster and sharing it on Whatsapp proves to be much better move and it reaches the audience.

Also, you should not keep spamming random numbers on Whatsapp, it is better when used to keep in touch with your loyal customers and update on on your products and events. Instead, come up with creative ways which will engage your consumer and the people they know which will lead to word-of-mouth way of spreading your marketing strategy. Create fun contests like taking a selfie with your product or other ways that will help your brand and its image. Call for action, if done right, with the Whatsapp Promotional Messages, can absolutely bring a growth curve to your business.

Take a Move towards the growth of your business:

Whatsapp is a staple communication app that is in every smartphone these days. The reach of this app extends to more than half a billion people and it is only a smart move when you invest and include Whatsapp Marketing and promotion service to the list. So, to get the No.1 service register now with Whatsapp Mantra.

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